Pastoral Council

“The Church is the living body of Christ in which all share in various and diverse ways the responsibility for the mission given to the Church by the Lord to proclaim the Word, build up the community, celebrate the liturgy, and serve all of God’s people. The parish is that unit of God’s family which fulfills this universal mission of the Church within its own community structures.”

The Pastoral Council is responsible for all standing commissions of St. Gabriel Parish and all standing committees of St. Gabriel Parish are accountable to the Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council coordinates the work of the parish commissions; delegates authority to the parish commissions based on their special competence within their areas of responsibility; and ensures the resources and training required for the commissions to be effective.  The Pastoral Council establishes priorities and goals which will serve the St. Gabriel Community.

All members of St. Gabriel Parish can find opportunities to use their unique gifts and talents in service to St. Gabriel Parish’s mission through commission ministry. Commission members bring to this service their skills and gifts as well as their Christian faith and a sense of working for the benefit of the community and its mission.

St. Gabriel Pastoral Council members are discerned by the parish. Council members serve a three year term and members are discerned on a staggered basis. Present St. Gabriel Parish Council members are as follows:

Fr. Timothy C. Bickel, 262-628-1141 or
Ted Meyer (Chair), 262-225-9585 or
Beth Kangas (Vice Chair), 262-623-6464 or
Joe Pawlak (Secretary), 262-293-3455 or
Kevin Brehm, 262-628-3211 or
Bill Collins, 262-628-4278 or
Jill Gehring, 262-343-6089 or
Ashley Hollowell, 262-674-0369 or
Brian Rick, 262-628-4028 or
John Schumacher, 262-820-1686 or
George Wiciak, Trustee-Treasurer, 262-628-2735 or
Liz Juern, Trustee-Secretary, 262-628-7022 or

Feel free to contact any of our Pastoral Council members with questions, concerns or comments.

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