Prayer Shawl Ministry

Are you looking for a ministry of prayer and care for others? You might consider a unique way to serve as “the hands … of Christ, reaching out as He did.”

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a special way to reach out with love and care to others who are hurting; to comfort those in need of healing; to console those who are grieving; to bring hope to those in despair or in transition; to thank someone in a special way; to celebrate a significant milestone; or to provide for someone in need of a special blessing.

While praying for someone we don’t know is a different experience than intercessory prayers offered for a specific individual, prayer for a stranger helps us to learn to trust the truth that God works through us when we care for friends and strangers. Our ministry makes shawls and blankets for those in need of prayers and those hurting in body, mind, or spirit. We also give baby afghans to our babies at Baptism to let the parents know their children are prayed for. 

In construction of the prayer shawl, blanket or afghan, let God enter your mind and heart as you weave your thoughts and prayers into each stitch you make. When finished, the shawl is filled with prayer for the individual or baby who will receive it.

 If you wish to make a prayer shawl, it should measure 20" x 48". It can be knitted or crocheted in the colors of your choice. If you wish to make a baptism afghan, it should measure 26" x 36".  It can be knitted or crocheted in the color white.

If you or someone you know would like to receive a prayer shawl / blanket, or if you would like to become a crafter for this ministry, please contact the parish office at 262-628-1141.