COVID-19 Updates

NEW UPDATE as of 5/12/21

The Catholic Comeback has been updated by the Archdiocese.  Based on the updated directives, the following Mass changes will take effect beginning June 15:

  • Face masks will be “recommended.”  We will provide “face mask only” seating options, continue to seat socially distanced and continue a modified enhanced cleaning schedule.  We will also continue to Live Stream for our parishioners worshiping at home.  .
  • Altar servers can return!  Servers will be required to wear a mask when at the altar.
  • Although allowed, we will not present public Holy Water, use hymnals, or allow the public to present our gifts.

St. Gabriel Parish continues to take this pandemic seriously and will remain conservative in our safety practices.  As the vaccine is now readily available, we estimate that by June 15 all who want the vaccine will/could be fully vaccinated.  We reserve the right to adjust our safety practices when COVID activity in our area reaches high, very high, or critically high levels.  Our goal remains … we want to safely provide the opportunity for all our parishioners to attend Mass and receive Jesus both publically and spiritually.

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Changes are noted by the use of red text.

Catholic Come Back

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A Joyful Obligation - Returning to Mass.

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The bishops of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee are offering “Daily Reflections".
“We want to begin a moment of reflection every day ...encouraging you, and having you understand the spiritual dimension of the crisis we are going through. ” May God bless you!

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