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Pope Francis sends message of solidarity to Cardinal Brenes after attack on Managua Cathedral

Pope Francis pens a message to Archbishop of Managua, Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, expressing his closeness following an attack on the Managua Cathedral on Friday.

Covid-19 in Asia: the worst is not over

As the Coronavirus continues to infect people and claim lives across the globe, its dynamics are changing across regions. Countries struggle to contain its spread as well as cope with the economic downturn and other effects of the lockdown.

US Bishops call for support for urban Catholic school students

The Bishop chairmen of three USCCB committees are calling on members of the Black Congressional Caucus to support federal emergency relief for black families in Catholic schools.

Investigation casts doubt on Iranian Covid death figures

A British broadcaster is claiming the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Iran is nearly triple what the government in Tehran reports.

Australian Catholic Men’s Gathering to inspire, encourage and challenge

Australian Catholic Men’s Gathering for 2020 aims to gather and inspire Catholic lay men in their Christian faith and their role in the Church.

Pope to Medjugorje youth festival: Jesus gives life its true meaning

Pope Francis encourages participants in an annual youth festival at Medjugorje to discover the true adventure of life in the encounter with Jesus.

Covid-19 spike pushes Mexico to third place in infections

Mexico now ranks as the nation with the third-highest number of Covid-19 cases, with experts estimating the death toll could rise as high as seven million.

Europeans struggling with heatwave and coronavirus lockdowns

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Europeans are crowding beaches and other areas amid a massive heatwave. That has added to deaths at sea, including in the Netherlands.

Pope praying for Nicaraguans after destruction of Managua crucifix

Pope Francis expresses his closeness to Catholics in Nicaragua, following an arson attack that destroyed a crucifix in Managua’s cathedral.

Pope Francis urges everyone to obtain “Pardon of Assisi”

Pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to receive the plenary indulgence granted to St. Francis, which is known as the “Pardon of Assisi”.