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South Sudan: From a hospital bed, Bishop-elect calls for new beginnings

The Bishop-elect of Rumbek Diocese in South Sudan says he is praying for the people in his diocese to join him in building a Church according to the teaching of Jesus.

Burkina Faso: Deadly attack leaves dozens dead

A deadly attack in Burkina Faso’s Komandjari province has left several dozens dead and many injured after armed men attacked Kodyel village.

50 years of EU - Holy See relations: A Church for each State

The "Iter Europaeum" initiative aims to celebrate 50 years of relations between the Holy See and the European Union. Ambassador Alexandra Valkenburg-Roelofs explains the concept of this "European walkway of Churches in Rome".

Brazil: Laudato si' and Ciranda highlight family farming in Maranhão

The Center for Rural Innovation and Agroecological Development (Ciranda), offers theoretical and technical training in agroecology to 70 families in the city of Açailândia as an economic alternative to the region's mining and agrobusiness chain, which is located right in the middle of the "Estrada de Ferro Carajás" (EFC) railroad. According to coordinator Xoán Couto, the Brazilian project is inspired by Laudato si' because it follows the same path that unites faith and science in "response to the needs of communities, also taking into consideration traditional knowledge."

Global press freedom restricted over past year

As World Press Freedom Day is celebrated on 3 May, the situation for journalists continues to worsen, with greater restrictions, censorship and abuse. Pope Francis marked the occasion with a tweet urging reporters to "build and strengthen the common good."

Vatican Museums reopen to public after 3rd closure

The third reopening of the Vatican’s museums on May 3, has Covid-19 health protocols in place. A new feature honours Dante Alighieri, the great Renaissance poet of Italy.

Mozambique: Bishops promote hope for Cabo Delgado.

Mozambique’s Catholic Bishops have urged their compatriots to embrace love, unity and solidarity with the people of Cabo Delgado Province affected by violence at the hands of jihadists.

Pope Francis meets with Iraq’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

Pope Francis received in audience Iraqi Foreign Affairs Minister, Fuad Hussein, on Monday in the Vatican.

Pope: Blessed Devasahayam, six others to be named saints

At a Consistory on Monday, Pope Francis confirms the vote of the Cardinals to proceed with the canonization of seven Blesseds, with the date of the forthcoming canonizations to be announced in due course.

Pope Francis to open Italian demographics conference

The Vatican announces that Pope Francis will open a meeting on the demographic crisis facing Italy and other nations, entitled “General States of Birth”.