St. Gabriel Parish maintains three cemeteries: 

  • St. Columba Cemetery - 106 Hwy. 164, Colgate, WI 53017
  • St. Hubert Cemetery - 3727 Hubertus Rd., Hubertus, WI 53033
  • St. Mary Cemetery - 2420 Hillside Rd., Richfield, WI 53076

All three cemeteries follow the same cemetery regulations.

Cemetery plots allow for one full burial with one cremation or two cremation burials. No more than two burials are allowed in each cemetery plot and second burials require prearrangement. There is an additional charge for second burials.

Multiple burials for any plot need to be specified and arranged by the individual(s) purchasing the cemetery plot and such arrangements must be included on the plot deed.  Relatives or relations of the interred will not be allowed to be buried with the interred without notarized consent from the interred.  An individual receiving notarized consent from the interred will be charged the same rate for burial in the interred plot a the current specified rate.

Cemetery burial rite purchases are non-refundable. Exceptions are made at the sole discretion of St. Gabriel Parish. In response to Catholic concern for those in need, the pastor, together with the Director of Administration, may provide reduced or free burial rates for parishioners with financial hardship.

  Parishioner Rates:     Non-Parishioner Rates:
Plot Purchase  $600      $1,000
Rite of Second Burial $400  $800


To view the complete document of Cemetery Regulations, please click here: St. Gabriel Parish Cemetery Regulations

If you would like to purchase cemetery burial plots, please contact Mike Reichert (mike.reichert@stgabrielhubertus.org), Director of Administrative Services, in the parish office. Parishioners and non-parishioners are free to choose from any of these cemeteries for their perpetual burial needs. The cemeteries are supported by the St. Gabriel Cemetery perpetual care fund and managed by the St. Gabriel Parish grounds and maintenance staff.


The Catholic Perspective on Death, Funerals, and Cemeteries 

As Christians what we believe about death highly influences how we live our everyday lives. We must carry life's crosses and bear the incredible loss with hope in our hearts. We must gaze upon the bodies of our deceased loved ones and remember that "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life" John 3:16. Unlike many in our secular society, we do not turn away from death nor allow ourselves to believe that death is the end. Trusting that God will wipe away every tear (Revelation 21:4) we stand before him in grief but not in despair. 

The Catholic Funeral Rites in the Order of Christian Funerals is a celebration of faith that enables loved ones and the community to mourn by focusing on the promise of everlasting life and the hope of resurrection in Christ! 

Three distinct rites are provided at the time of the funeral. 

1. Vigil and Visitation. The vigil is often the first time family, friends and members of the community gather for prayer and support in remembrance of a treasured life.
2. Funeral Liturgy. The funeral Mass is the principle celebration of the Christian funeral, where family and friends join to reaffirm that life has not ended. It is the memorial of Christ's sacrifice and is a reminder that we are one with Christ in life, death, and resurrection.
3. Committal. The committal is the final service and time of internment. Here family and friends gather to take their final leave with the comfort and promise of everlasting life in the resurrection.

A Cemetery is a sanctuary for the living. Catholic Cemeteries are an extension of our parishes; a place for prayer, reflection, hope, and remembrance. The cemetery is a vital part of Catholic life, expressing our faith, reverence, and respect for sacred burial on consecrated grounds. It is a permanent place for remembering in natural and inspiring environments. Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services Resource Booklet Milwaukee Archdiocese.