Volunteering at St. Gabriel


St. Gabriel uses a volunteer sign-up database called Ivolunteer.

This platform allows St. Gabriel families and individuals to view all volunteer opportunities for both parish and school events on one landing page/URL. 

Every committee who has volunteer opportunities must email Nikki Packee their needs at this email - nikki.packee@stgabrielhubertus.org.

(Please note, this is a new email address for volunteer requests. Please continue to use bulletineditor@stgabrielhubertus.org email for bulletin/social media/website articles/announcements/updates.)

When you have a volunteer need, please send Nikki an email with the following information:

  • Event name
  • Task/Job - please be as detailed as possible (NOTE: you may submit multiple tasks/jobs … please complete #3 - #4 for each task/job.)
  • Time frame
  • Amount of volunteers needed for each time frame
  • Other pertinent information you would like to share about the event
  • Your contact details

PLEASE NOTE - Before you can volunteer with students in the day school, you must complete the Volunteer Application Form (this is for volunteers who regularly volunteer during school hours). ALL volunteers must take the Archdiocese Safe Guarding All of God's Family Class.  Please contact Jill Sheehan in the parish office for information regarding Safe Guarding All of God's Children classes.