Liturgical Ministers


Ministers of the Word proclaim the word of the Lord to the congregation, drawing the assembly more deeply into the mystery being celebrated. They prepare the readings in advance. They approach the ambo with dignity and reverence, and proclaim the readings in a strong, clear voice.

Altar Servers

The primary role of the altar server is to assist the priest in the celebration of the liturgy during Mass. This is done through specific actions and by setting an example to the congregation by actively participating in the liturgy through their actions, singing of hymns, and responses with the people. Students in 5th grade and older are invited to become an altar server.

Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist

The role of the Eucharistic minister is to help the priest distribute communion, the Body and the Blood of Christ. To be an Extraordinary Minster you must:

  • Be a fully initiated Catholic (Have received the Sacrament of Confirmation)
  • Be in good standing with the church
  • Be a registered member of St. Gabriel Parish
  • Be at least 16 years of age


They assist the priest in maintaining the Altar, Sanctuary, and Sacristy. This includes cleaning and setting the Altar for Mass and preparing and setting out the gifts for the offertory procession.

How to Sign Up

If you have an interest in becoming a liturgical minister, please call the parish office (262)-628-1141. We love having new members and training is included!


To view and/or change your profile information and list days/times that you are not able to serve please go to: