Thoughtful Thursdays

Thoughtful Thursdays Consider spending some time on Thursday mornings, following Mass, with the “Thoughtful Thursdays”  group.  We share coffee and snacks, pray together, and usually watch and discuss a DVD presentation on some aspect of our faith, then end with more prayer.  We currently meet in the  Annunciation Room from the time after Mass until 11 am.  If we get more folks involved, we can always meet in the Council  Room.  We’ve just begun an 8-session study on the Gospel of John, called “Turning Point”, from the Dynamic Catholic ministries.  Join us to reflect on the way Jesus’ encounters with Nicodemus, Lazarus, Mary, Peter, the adulterous woman, the Samaritan woman at the well, among others, changed their lives and continues to resonate through history to change our lives.  Whether you can attend the whole series or only individual sessions, you’re welcome any Thursday morning!

His Peace to all!

Gerry Wolf