Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is responsible for all standing commissions of St. Gabriel Parish and all standing committees of St. Gabriel Parish are accountable to the Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council coordinates the work of the parish commissions; delegates authority to the parish commissions based on their special competence within their areas of responsibility and ensures the resources and training required for the commissions to be effective. The Pastoral Council establishes priorities and goals which will serve the St. Gabriel Community.

St. Gabriel Pastoral Council members are discerned by the parish each spring and council members serve a three-year term.

Nominations are now being accepted for two open (2) seats. 

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Pastoral Council Nomination Form - About Nominations and Prayerful Discernment

Nominating Someone for Pastoral Council:

After considering the role (see below) of the Pastoral Council and the qualities of Pastoral Council members, we invite you to nominate yourself of someone else to the Pastoral Council ministry.

Council members serve three-year terms and may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Please fill out the nomination form below if you wish to nominate yourself or someone else.

• A baptized Catholic
• At least 18 years of age
• An active practicing member of the parish
• Not an employee of the parish

What is the role of the Pastoral Council?

The Pastoral Council consists of individuals chosen from the parish community who, together with the pastor, determine the direction of the parish, oversee its pastoral activity and temporal affairs, and proclaim the Christ-centered mission of the local parish and universal Catholic Church. It is a consultative body that acts as a wisdom group, bringing the insights and gifts of the community in leadership to the pastor and parish.

The Council, governed by the norms of the Archbishop of Milwaukee, develops and maintains a parish mission statement, engages in continuous pastoral planning, develops appropriate policies for the parish, and ensures the on-going ministry of parish commissions (the working and implementation bodies within the parish), and they model commitments to prayer, stewardship, and discipleship.

What is Prayerful Discernment of Pastoral Council Members?

When we seek to know the will of God, we do so through discernment. For Pastoral Councils, discernment is a process involving prayer and discussion among present council members and nominees where people come to know each other, the role of the pastoral council, and the needs of the parish better.

Prayerful discernment helps nominees make informed and spirit-filled decisions in the best interest of themselves and the parish. The process is often led by an outside facilitator, but council members and nominees decide together who God is calling to serve on the Pastoral Council. Participants usually find prayerful discernment affirming, supportive and unifying.

Prayerful discernment has replaced elections in many parishes around the archdiocese. Election processes often discourage qualified individuals from coming forward because they will not “run against” someone popular or someone they know. It can also create winners and losers instead of seeing leadership as a call from God. In prayerful discernment, parishioners have an opportunity to nominate qualified candidates to pastoral council. Nominees are then asked to consider the opportunity themselves.

Finally, nominees and council members are asked to work together in partnership to discern God’s call to leadership. The process attempts to combine pieces of our democratic system with an ancient tradition of consultation and prayer that reaches as far back as the Apostles.

Effective Pastoral Council Members Are?

+ Prayerful: They are believers who attend Mass and other liturgies regularly. They willingly share their faith with others and seek to know God more deeply.
+ Pastoral: They actively listen to the needs of people. They act with discretion and sensitivity in important parish matters. They facilitate difficult conversations, work to reconcile differences, and offer comfort to members of the parish.
+ Representative: They have the ability to represent the interests of all members of the parish, not only a few.
+ Discerning: They work hard to listen to other perspectives, and they dialogue to reach consensus for the good of the parish.
+ Prophetic: They respect the unique mission of the Church in the world and are willing to challenge the status quo to complete that mission. They engage in long-range and insightful planning for the parish.
+ Enabling: They create and sustain an environment that values and maximizes the personal, financial, and material gifts of the parishioners. They work well with others and understand the importance of stewardship of time, talent, and treasure.
+ Collaborative: They realize and accept the challenges facing their parish, cluster, and archdiocese. They seek to work with others when possible to meet those challenges.
+ Servant Leaders: They understand that their role is to assist the pastor in the administration of the local parish; they bring their gifts and insights to the meetings for that purpose.


2020-2021 Pastoral Council Members: 

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes





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