Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is responsible for all standing commissions of St. Gabriel Parish and all standing committees of St. Gabriel Parish are accountable to the Pastoral Council. The Pastoral Council coordinates the work of the parish commissions; delegates authority to the parish commissions based on their special competence within their areas of responsibility and ensures the resources and training required for the commissions to be effective. The Pastoral Council establishes priorities and goals which will serve the St. Gabriel Community. St. Gabriel Pastoral Council members are discerned by the parish each spring and council members serve a three-year term.  

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Pastoral Council Members: 

If you would like to get in touch with any of the members below, please contact the parish office or download their contact details here.

  1. Trustee Secretary - Bill Humpal (2025) 
  2. Trustee Treasurer - George Wiciak (2025) 
  3. Chair - Carolyn Weyker (2024) 
  4. Vice Chair - Janet Kummeth (2024) 
  5. Secretary - Angie Klorlien (2025)
  6. Christian Formation Liaison - Ben Neureuther ( 2024) 
  7. Financial Council Liaison - Rob McDonald (2025)
  8. Prayer and Worship Liaison - Beth Kangas (2026)
  9. Human Concerns Liaison  - Dan Swiatkowski (2026)
  10. School Liaison - Ryan Lee (NEW - 2026)
  11. Stewardship Liaison - Jim Healy (NEW - 2026) 

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes