Flower Power

Hello and Happy Spring!                                                                                       

Welcome to the 6th annual Spring Flower Power Sale!   We are thankful to Shady Lane Greenhouses Inc for partnering with us again this season.  This year we will once again offer coupons so you can choose the exact flowers and plants you’d like.  Our goal is to reach at least $5,000 in sales!  Proceeds to support Catholic Education at St Gabriel! 

Our Spring Flower Power Fundraiser runs from April 5 – May 31, 2021. 

Coupons will be in $10 increments and can be used for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING at Shady Lane from dirt to design.  Think big!  Shady Lane has been a full-service garden center since 1973 offering quality plant material, nursery stock, expert gardening and landscaping services, accessories, and friendly knowledgeable staff.  Visit www.shadylanegreenhouse.com for more information.  Coupons do expire on June 30, 2021.  Coupons can be used on any regular-priced products and services, including:

-Beautiful hanging baskets                     -Porch pots & planters               -Roses & perennials

-Annual bedding plants                          -Vegetables & herbs                  -Trees & shrubs

What is the process for selling and receiving the $10 coupons? We have two options!

  • Please do not go door to door and sell coupons. Please use social distancing and please share this information with your family, friends, neighbors, and past customers to purchase the $10 coupons.  The coupon costs $10 and are good for $10 of product.   
  • You can purchase and obtain the coupons in two easy ways:
    • Coupons will be sold after mass on: April 10th & 11th; May 1st & 2nd
    • You can send your coupon request form and payment to the parish or school office and we will backpack mail or US Mail the coupons to you.

If you are not able to make one of the preferred methods of ordering, please contact Julie Strauss and she will handle those requests case by case. Julie Strauss at Ph. 414-416-4021 or [email protected]


How to get started….success ideas:

  1. Smile and Dial……..pick up the phone and call your relatives, friends, parents, coworkers, neighbors and those generous people who have supported you in the past.
  2. Share your story and purpose with your prospective customer.
  3. Say Thank You no matter what. Manners are important.  You are representing the entire St. Gabriel community.
  4. Social media. Check out Fundraise with Facebook app to engage your social network.
  5. Know a little bit about the products and services so you can answer questions.
  6. COVID-19 does not eliminate our need, as we have exciting plans for the future!
  7. Ask if they will be doing any planting or landscaping this year, if yes please buy coupons from me.
  8. Please follow the four S’s – Be Sensitive, Be Smart, Be Successful and Be Safe.
  9. Have Fun!!

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Pentek at Ph262-391-3170 or [email protected] or Julie Strauss at Ph414-416-4021 or [email protected] or any member of the School Advisory Commission Team.

Thank you in advance for your continued support of our St Gabriel School!

Amy Pentek and Julie Strauss ----- Flower Power Sale Coordinators