Prayer Chain

The prayer chain is a means to combine our prayers with those of the parish and community who have a need to reach out to our Lord.

  • To pray for a loved one who is ill or deceased;
  • To pray for personal needs:  employment, cure for addictions, safe travel, success in school, pregnancy and childbirth, etc.;
  • To offer prayers of thanksgiving for our many blessings;
  • To pray in those instances when one just feels a need for prayers.

As a group, we are able to “bombard” Heaven with our needs. Simultaneously, it presents everyone on the prayer chain an opportunity to speak with God on a personal level. Each of us is engaged in prayer not only to help others, but also to help ourselves. The prayer chain is a constant continuous prayer ~ someone is always praying.

Knowing people are praying for our intentions brings us great comfort.  Sometimes we may feel “unworthy” ~ knowing someone else is helping us along, gives us peace. For a Prayer Request, call (262-628-1141) the parish office.

And we always need prayer warriors!  Pray about it – consider joining us!