Confirmation completes the Sacraments of initiation where we respond like Mary -- “yes” to everything that God is gracing us with. 

Christ promised this outpouring of the Spirit, a promise which he fulfilled first on Easter Sunday and then more strikingly at Pentecost. (CCC 1287)

The effects of Confirmation will help us to know Jesus and the Father’s love better unites us to the Christian community more completely and give us strength to defend and witness to our faith. (CCC 1302)

The Confirmation process in our Diocese starts remotely in preparation for children and teens and comes to a moment of initiation for those who are 16, baptized, have received their 1st Holy Communion and living a life of faith. The process for both teens and adults who wish to be Confirmed teaches elements of the faith in preparation to live a life according to the Spirit outpoured.

Please visit our Christian Formation site for more information on Confirmation classes.